EcoAssets brings together environmental data collected from three national research infrastructures – the ALA, IMOS and TERN. By standardising the formats of these data resources and then sharing them, the information can be streamlined into integrated data assets to support Australia's environmental reporting needs.

The key resulting data assets are:

  1. Integrated species distribution data asset
  2. Integrated survey and monitoring activity data asset

EcoAssets is achieving these outcomes by identifying opportunities to increase alignment between data from all partners. In particular, we are simplifying spatiotemporal analyses and addressing differences in terminology and vocabularies.

Core Features Of EcoAssets

Core Features of EcoAssets

Improvements to Data Pipelines

EcoAssets will develop pipelines that offer standard views of the biodiversity component of data collected during TERN and IMOS field programmes for aggregation with ALA data streams.

Aggregation of Similar Data

Partners will deliver and maintain high-value national data products that will serve as reference assets and a baseline for future environmental assessment. Data assets include species distribution, monitoring activity and growth in biodiversity knowledge.

Alignment of Data Services

The newly aggregated data assets will provide a single set of data for major environmental products from the NCRIS infrastructures. This collection will feature standardised metadata, spatial and temporal units and other facets to support SoE reporting.

The data assets will add significant value to future SoE reports (produced every 5 years), and other areas such as environmental accounting and impact assessments.

Data Principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR)

Data linkages and summary formats will provide easy-to-access information on indicators and trends. Data pipelines developed will enable future continuous updates and integration of new data from partners.

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